Friday, September 4, 2009

Bath Time

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tatum's First Bath

First we put her in her bath chair- which she totally hated! Then we put her down in the water and that was a lot better. Until I guess I took to long to wash her up so she started screaming again.
Here she is all wrapped in her towel and happy as can be.... then she decided to pee all over her daddy, so her first bath was quickly followed by her second bath.Finally she was happy and dry And all ready for bed.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Monday, August 24, 2009

6 days old

I cannot believe how fast this last week has gone by! It really has been one big blur, seems like its only been one day. I was sitting today thinking of what I was doing one week ago.
I was at work all day and wondering when I'd be able to take my 2 month vaca... little did i know it would start in 24 hours!
Tate had her one week checkup today (even though she's technically not 1 week till tomorrow, at 10:35 pm)

Dr. Arnold is her pediatrician and I love him. He was one of the on call doc's at the hospital, and the moment he walked in and I saw the plastic chameleon on his stethoscope I knew he was the doctor for us! :-)
She had dropped down to 6 lbs 1 oz when we left the hospital on thursday, but is back up to her birth weight exactly today! I guess it usually takes babies about 2 weeks to get back to birth weight but not this little eater! Dr. Arnold said she was a really good feeder and looks very healthy over all. I was so relieved to hear that she was getting enough food!
Its pretty stressful keeping track of every time she eats, and making sure it hasn't gone to long in between feedings, and getting enough diapers!
We discovered a little red birthmark on the back of her head under all that hair. Its about the size of a nickle and Dr Arnold said it will probably disappear by the time shes 4.

I actually got dressed the last two days, and it feel so good to get ready instead of sitting in Greg's t-shirts and basketball shorts all day. It was really good to be out of the house too. We were driving home from her appointment and had to try and think of more errands we could run before we headed back home! Tomorrow I think we're gonna try and go on a walk. Get the dishes returned from our great neighbors the Whites who made us dinner 2 nights last week! And to get little T some sunshine.

Its so funny, she looks different every day. Gets cuter every day for sure. Her cheeks are filling out more. I cant wait till that yucky cord falls off so I can give her a real bath. Today she decided that when the poopy diaper comes off to change into the next one, that is the time to pee all over before mom and dad know what hit them. I think it happened 3 times today!
And there was a mystery pee that got all over the bedspread and her back, but left the diaper completely dry! I seriously don't know what happened there.

Tomorrow is Dad's last day home with us before school and work start again. I dont know what I'm going to do without him here to help me, he has been SO AWESOME this whole week. He got the diaper changing down pat, and the swaddling. He holds her when she cries, and has been cleaning up after us. The two night time meltdowns when she would not go back to sleep, he totally took over and let me get the rest! Just brought her in to eat. I really might cry when he goes to school wednesday morning. Thanks so much Greg!! We loooooovve you!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tatum's Fan Club

Mischa and MalikKellyEmily and FlintBethanyGrandma and GrandpaAunt AndreaMackenzie and JordynLittle Haylee :-)and of course mom and dad
note: she has had many other wonderful fans come by to meet her but i didnt catch their pictures!

Friday, August 21, 2009

She's Here!!!!

Introducing Miss Tatum Ashley!!!

These are all pics from my phone!

Little miss Tatum came to us 8 days early.
Tuesday the 18th I woke up and noticed I was having some little contractions. Check the clock, it was 6. All morning I kept having little contractions, they didnt hurt at all, just really really tight and pressure. I was sccheduled to go into work at 1 and called about 12 to tell them I was having contractions and would see what happened. I said id probably be in around three. ha.
They started getting stronger at 12, not to bad though. By 2:30 I was having a few big ones, but nothing regular. Id have one then 15 minutes later another, then 3 minutes another....

Greg was supposed to go into work at 3, and I didnt know if this was real or not so I called my midwife and asked her what I should do.

She said I was in labor, but because I wasnt going to have an epidural or anything I should try and wait it out at home as long as I could. She suggested getting into a hot bath if I needed.
We decided Greg should go into work, so he left at about 3:30.

We had been cleaning up the apartment all morning, and I was still trying to get everything put away and in order in Tate's room. I kept organizing things stopping here and there to breath through contractions.
Took a short nap at about 4:30. Ate a popsicle.
They started coming closer together. I called Val at 7:00 to tell her I was contracting and then while I was talking to her I noticed I had about 4-5 contractions in our short maybe 10 min conversation. I called Greg and told him he better come home right now. Right now? Yes please leave right now.

He got home and I was rocking on my yoga ball "looking calm". I asked him to stick our bags in the car so we could go, so he started getting things together slowly. Changed his clothes. Went to the bathroom. Walked around a little, I dont know what he was doing, but I was thinking "it dosnt look like he's getting those bags into the car".

I said ok lets go to the hospital now. We drove over and were checked into the tiny closet of a room by about 8 o'clock. They check and I was at a 5 almost 6 centimeters. I asked "so this isnt going to go back down to a one or two right?" They said no, you wont go back down. I was so worried they'd have to send me back home!
They admitted me right away but said they had to clean up a room for me. They were having a very busy day and had just gotten done with an emergency c-section. They said it would be about an hour.
So we watched tv and waited and contracted.

They were getting pretty intense, and pretty close together. Greg was great and talkd me through them. Helped me rememeber to breath. We were in there for what seemed like a looong time. I really wanted them to check me and see how far along I was. After we were in there for 2 hours I had Greg go find a nurse to figure out what we were supposed to be doing.

I think they forgot about us, but they said they had a room all ready and they made me walk into the delivery room. I had a big contraction while I was walking.

I got in and used the bathroom, then they laid me down and the midwife came in and checked me. I was at an 8. I was really considering having an epiduarl at that point, but I had a few more contractions, had them run the hot bath for me and was checked again. I was at a 9.

The midwife showed Greg how to push on my knees for pressure and that felt reeeeeaaaaalllllyyyy goood during the next contractions.
I had wanted to use the tub and she asked if I wanted to get in and I started having another contraction. I was feeling alot of pressure and said I felt like I needed to push. They checked again and I was at a 10. I think I went from 8-10 in about 25 minutes.

The midwife was Kathryn and she was really great. There was another girl there who is studying to be a midwife doing her internship. They asked if I minded if she helped, I said go for it. She actually had done my last checkup appointment so I had met and liked her already. She said she had done about 30 deliveries already. I cant rememeber what her name was....

She said I could start pushing, so I did. I remember only having to push through 4 contractions, Greg said it was more. Who knows. Kathryn said I only pushed for 8 minutes though.... and she was here!

Man it hurt!!

They put her on my belly and Greg cut the cord, then they wisked her off to be cleaned and poked and sucked at. She had swallowed some of the fluid before she was born and was having a hard time breathing. Intern/midwife lady pushed alittle on my stomach and asked me to push again about 2 minutes after the birth. Out came the placenta, it was pretty cool looking. Very weird to see where my baby had been living for the last 9 months. It wasnt as big as I thought it would be. I had Greg take a picture of it :-)
They didnt tell me anything was going wrong with Tatum but took her right out of the room to fix her breathing. Greg got to go with her. The nurse cleaned up a little bit and then I was left all by myself. So I called my mom and talked to her for a little while. Soon Val came into the room and stayed with me. I was freezing. The nurse had asked me if I wanted any medicine for the pain before she left and I said I did. We were there for about an hour and she hadnt brought it. I was actually feeling great, once those contractions stopped I was on cloud 9.
Val went to find the babe and ask the nurse to get me some drugs. G came back into the room and then Val and Andrea Emily and Talia came in. The nurse came soon after to take me down to my room.
Allie came too and I saw her when we passed by the nursery.
We all went into my room and waited for that baby!

She was finally brought in to me at about 1 o'clock.

Everyone got a chance to hold her, then they all left except Val. She helped me get started nursing. I had no idea what I was doing, but it all felt very natural. I was soooooo tired though. Val left, Tatum finished feeding and then we had the nurse take her to the nursery so we could sleep. Greg and I were both exhausted. I couldnt believe how tired I was, but once we turned the light off I couldnt fall asleep. My body was greatful for the rest, but I dont think I closed my eyes once. They brought her back in about 3 hours later to eat again.
From then on is a bit of a blur.
Sleeping a little. Feeding. Visitors. Pretty good hospital food. Looking at the baby. Listening to her cry. She has a good set of pipes.
We left the hospital at about 1 yesterday, had our first night at home, and everything is going really well so far. We love her so much! Shes so cute!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Crafty

Today I had the day off and I decided to get a little crafty.
I used my mad sewing skills (yeah right) and whipped up some burp rags. It was good practice sewing in a semi straight line. I made this bow/clip with some scrap material I had. It is good for both mother and baby.
I got these frames for 99 cents each at Savers and spray painted them to match the crib. Then cut out these little animal silhouettes for the "nursery". I think they turned out really cute! The background looks white in these pics but its actually a yellow damask.
Also cut and pasted this cute lil guy! Owls are awesome (even though he's a little off center)
I decided that the diaper bag I had was just toooooo big, so I went and exchanged it for this one. It has an adjustable strap so I dont look so stumpy when Im wearing it.
FYI- Too big of bag=Stumpy legs
I got it all packed up today with T's hospital needs.
At least I hope so. Does she need anything besides:
~new burp rags
~a few onesies
~receiving blanket
~soft quilt made by Grandma Houghton
~diapers and wipes
~some binkys
~awesome going home outfit
~and extra small booties

Oh.... I also packed her baby book in there so I can fill in some pages while its all still fresh in my mind.
Heres a closeup of her cute cute cute going home panda oufit from Mimi!
And all her stuff set up and ready to grab and go

I got my delivery room pedicure the other day.... my feet are a little swollen
Here are my almost 28 week pics

We're aiming for this weekend. :-P haha. I at least need to make it to thursday so I can get my maternity pics done, im so excited!
This is Greg's last week of school, with the last final on saturday morning, he said Saturday at 1 would be a good time to go to the hospital :-) We'll see!