Monday, August 10, 2009

Getting Crafty

Today I had the day off and I decided to get a little crafty.
I used my mad sewing skills (yeah right) and whipped up some burp rags. It was good practice sewing in a semi straight line. I made this bow/clip with some scrap material I had. It is good for both mother and baby.
I got these frames for 99 cents each at Savers and spray painted them to match the crib. Then cut out these little animal silhouettes for the "nursery". I think they turned out really cute! The background looks white in these pics but its actually a yellow damask.
Also cut and pasted this cute lil guy! Owls are awesome (even though he's a little off center)
I decided that the diaper bag I had was just toooooo big, so I went and exchanged it for this one. It has an adjustable strap so I dont look so stumpy when Im wearing it.
FYI- Too big of bag=Stumpy legs
I got it all packed up today with T's hospital needs.
At least I hope so. Does she need anything besides:
~new burp rags
~a few onesies
~receiving blanket
~soft quilt made by Grandma Houghton
~diapers and wipes
~some binkys
~awesome going home outfit
~and extra small booties

Oh.... I also packed her baby book in there so I can fill in some pages while its all still fresh in my mind.
Heres a closeup of her cute cute cute going home panda oufit from Mimi!
And all her stuff set up and ready to grab and go

I got my delivery room pedicure the other day.... my feet are a little swollen
Here are my almost 28 week pics

We're aiming for this weekend. :-P haha. I at least need to make it to thursday so I can get my maternity pics done, im so excited!
This is Greg's last week of school, with the last final on saturday morning, he said Saturday at 1 would be a good time to go to the hospital :-) We'll see!


  1. I'm so excited for you. Tatum is almost here. Yay!

    Love all the crafts. The elephant and the giraffe are my favorite from your recent trip to the zoo. I think you did a great job on everything.:)

    Little Tatum will be so cute in all the adorable coming home things.

    Of course, you look beautiful. You are the cutest preg mama ever.

    love n hugs

  2. wow you are crafty!! I love the owl :) and everything.

    Can't wait for T to get here and to meet her!!

  3. You are so cute Dani!! I am so excited for you! I love the animal pictures you made...way to be crafty!!

  4. Suggest another onesie for the bag. One will get pooped or burped on. Two will ensure that neither of these happen.


  5. Dani your craft work is marvelous!
    Bethany will tell you how to make baby bows, she is the queen of those.

    You are the cutest "BIG MAMA" I've ever seen!
    This weekend already?
    If Greg wants it on Saturday at 1:00, well who can argue with that?

  6. ahhh you are too cute... I cant wait to see her... I LOVE your swollen feet... enjoy these last few days of being preggo, I miss it!

  7. Your nursery is going to look awesome! I wish I could get crafty. Maybe in Vegas...

    You really don't need to take diapers or wipes to the hospital, they provide them there. Then, you can steal the ones you don't use and take them home! Basically take everything that isn't bolted down! :) It's all about the free stuff when it comes to babies, cause they are EXPENSIVE! If you are going to pump, I suggest taking yours their, in case you want them to give you tips on how to use it!

  8. you look so good. Its fun to see you get ready for baby Tatum.. Thanks for sharing Im so excited for you