Tuesday, July 28, 2009

31 Days and Counting

Wow, one month to go.... well it was officially a month on Sunday Here we are enjoying our few last moments of peace and quiet :-)
Belly's getting bigger

Being the nice amazing wife that I am, I went with G to the library yesterday so he could get some study time in. I started the book Mudbound, which I am liking from the beginning.
UVU's new library is really awesome. It is HUGE, with lots of study space and big windows all around so you can see the lake and the mountains.

I <3 libraries

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Haylee

Baby # 2 on my list has arrived!

Haylee Jean Fossum was born on Tuesday the 21st!
9 lbs 5 oz and 19 inches
She is daughter number three for my friend Marie from work, her last baby was 10 lbs, so this one was tiny :-) She has cute black hair, and lots of it! I hope Tatum has at least a little bit.
I liked that the hospital put a green bow in her hair, pink is for sissys.

Me and mama Marie, shes so cute!
She's planning on coming back to work the beginning of August so we'll have a few more weeks together before Tatum comes :-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

35 weeks

Heres our awesome new rocker, thanks Heidi Carissa Emily LuAnn and Jessica! We are trying our best to stay cool this hot hot summer. Heres an attempt at a self photo eating snowcones

And here I am, rockin the preggo swimsuit at 35 weeks! You can tell my face is getting fatter here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've got 5 weeks to go and just started to freak out about her actually coming! Mostly Im just worried that Ill come home from work and be so tired and then go into labor without any energy to push this baby out!

Also, how do I know if its labor or not? I dont think ive had any contractions yet. Maybe some baby braxton hicks, but i will just feel my lower tummy get kind of hard and tight. It will only last for about 30 seconds though. No pain.

Lastly what if she comes early. Technically she could be here any day, and though I feel our apartment is pretty Tatum ready, I dont have my official bag for the hospital packed, or her diaper bag or anything. I can just picture us waking up in the middle of the night and me having to spend and hour picking out which homecoming outfit she should have while throwing other random things I think we'll need into Smiths grocery bags.

So here's where I need your help.
What in the world do I put in my hospital bag?
Are there things you wish you'd brought?
Things you thought just took up your precious space?
How many diapers? Do I need to bring them at all?

Is this supposed to be like suitcase sized?

Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last night I actually slept! It was amazing. I have had the hardest time staying asleep at night, I can always sleep in the day but dont have time for naps!
I think it was just a few bad nights worth building up. And a busy busy day yesterday. Maybe thats the trick, just wear myself out so bad during the day that my brain is forced to shut off at night.

We had our midwife appointment on Wednesday with Abby, she was very nice and looked very young. Everythings coming along smoothly, she said Tate's grown alot these last two weeks which is good. Im up to 24 lbs gained! That sounds like alot to me!

Next week we're going to try to squeeze in a tour of the hospital and get all our pre-registration papers filled out. After my next appointment Ill be going in every week!

Babies 'R Us got my rocking chair in so we went and picked up the box. Hopefully Greg can put it together for me today, I feel like rocking already.

My hands and feet are beginning to swell a little. Its pretty much flip flop city for me, unless I'm at work. Then I have one pair of slip on flats that are stretching out nicely :-) I wont even attempt a shoe that requires me bending or tying.
My last day of work is scheduled for Aug 19th, a week before my due date. Lets see if I make it that long. I think she will come early.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

All My New Toys

Its been fun putting together all of Tatum cute stuff, getting ready for her to live in the apartment with us! Here's the sweet stroller carseat combo thingy Mimi got us for the shower. I love it! I found a fun baby book at Babies R Us, on sale even! So I have been busy filling out all the info I can about our family before she gets here. I cant wait to put in the first picture of her and the story of her birth. And the bathtime page. And the Haircut page. And all of the pages!! Im so excited for her to come.
Me putting the stoller together all by myself. Ok, Greg helped a little.
Im getting a pretty good tan from seven peaks this summer, now my belly looks extra sexy being way way more white then the rest of me

Baby Shower

While my mom was in town she and my Aunts Andrea and Val threw me and Tatum the cutest shower! Everything was decorated in pink and brown. I had lots of guests who were able to come and we had the funnest time!
Yummy yummy food. You cant go wrong with a platter of fruit and a chocolate fountain!The awesome diaper cake Val made me, thanks!! Ange and I just happened to wear the same shirt that day. Haha. (Its not a maternity shirt so she shouldnt feel bad ;-) )We decided that the balloon counted as twins.We played Guess What Poo (chocolate) is in the Diaper (the official game name im sure)
And How Big Around is the Belly ~ everyone thought i was alot bigger then I am... especially Becca! Geez her string could have gone around me at least twice!
Paulette won and was one of the two who guessed smaller

I had Lucy go around and take some shots of the guests for me. She's such a good photographer.
Tate suuuuurrre got spoiled! I think she's got more clothes in her closet then I do now. Our apartment is overflowing with all her stuff, I have no idea where to put it all.
Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who got us the awesome gifts!

She's getting Freakin' Big!

33 Weeks34 weeks She is definatly taking up more space in there!

I am trying to quickly post something before I run over to my friend Whitney's to do some hair and then go to 7 Peaks, thought Id give Mom a few pics to hold her over until I can do the big post :-)