Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby Shower

While my mom was in town she and my Aunts Andrea and Val threw me and Tatum the cutest shower! Everything was decorated in pink and brown. I had lots of guests who were able to come and we had the funnest time!
Yummy yummy food. You cant go wrong with a platter of fruit and a chocolate fountain!The awesome diaper cake Val made me, thanks!! Ange and I just happened to wear the same shirt that day. Haha. (Its not a maternity shirt so she shouldnt feel bad ;-) )We decided that the balloon counted as twins.We played Guess What Poo (chocolate) is in the Diaper (the official game name im sure)
And How Big Around is the Belly ~ everyone thought i was alot bigger then I am... especially Becca! Geez her string could have gone around me at least twice!
Paulette won and was one of the two who guessed smaller

I had Lucy go around and take some shots of the guests for me. She's such a good photographer.
Tate suuuuurrre got spoiled! I think she's got more clothes in her closet then I do now. Our apartment is overflowing with all her stuff, I have no idea where to put it all.
Thanks to everyone who came and everyone who got us the awesome gifts!


  1. Sorry I couldn't make it to your shower. Daniel decided not to make it home with the car in time for me to go! We miss our job and work truck. So it looks like you had a good one. I will somehow try to get my gift to you. Shoot me text sometime. My phone rebooted AGAIN and delted your number.

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