Tuesday, July 28, 2009

31 Days and Counting

Wow, one month to go.... well it was officially a month on Sunday Here we are enjoying our few last moments of peace and quiet :-)
Belly's getting bigger

Being the nice amazing wife that I am, I went with G to the library yesterday so he could get some study time in. I started the book Mudbound, which I am liking from the beginning.
UVU's new library is really awesome. It is HUGE, with lots of study space and big windows all around so you can see the lake and the mountains.

I <3 libraries


  1. I too love libraries! I am telling you that you need to read some Jodi Picoult books! I can't wait for Tatum to come!

  2. awww...your belly is so cute! I"M so excitedd!!!

  3. Hope you have a good last month of quiet time!
    But it will be fun to have her around too!

  4. You are so so so cute! I am so excited for you!

  5. make sure you read to baby t :)