Sunday, July 19, 2009


Last night I actually slept! It was amazing. I have had the hardest time staying asleep at night, I can always sleep in the day but dont have time for naps!
I think it was just a few bad nights worth building up. And a busy busy day yesterday. Maybe thats the trick, just wear myself out so bad during the day that my brain is forced to shut off at night.

We had our midwife appointment on Wednesday with Abby, she was very nice and looked very young. Everythings coming along smoothly, she said Tate's grown alot these last two weeks which is good. Im up to 24 lbs gained! That sounds like alot to me!

Next week we're going to try to squeeze in a tour of the hospital and get all our pre-registration papers filled out. After my next appointment Ill be going in every week!

Babies 'R Us got my rocking chair in so we went and picked up the box. Hopefully Greg can put it together for me today, I feel like rocking already.

My hands and feet are beginning to swell a little. Its pretty much flip flop city for me, unless I'm at work. Then I have one pair of slip on flats that are stretching out nicely :-) I wont even attempt a shoe that requires me bending or tying.
My last day of work is scheduled for Aug 19th, a week before my due date. Lets see if I make it that long. I think she will come early.


  1. I hope she comes early! I have plan if she doesn't we'll just go to 7 Peaks and send you down every slide then I'm sure she will get the hint. :) jk but I am praying for her to come EARLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I remember those days! I worked up until the day I went into labor (I was on my way when my midwife said to turn around and go back home because those pains were contractions!) and I wore the same flat shoes every day because they were the only ones that fit. I had to throw them away after I had Davy because they had stretched so much.

    You're looking amazing! I can't wait to see pictures of Tatum on the outside! :)