Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I've got 5 weeks to go and just started to freak out about her actually coming! Mostly Im just worried that Ill come home from work and be so tired and then go into labor without any energy to push this baby out!

Also, how do I know if its labor or not? I dont think ive had any contractions yet. Maybe some baby braxton hicks, but i will just feel my lower tummy get kind of hard and tight. It will only last for about 30 seconds though. No pain.

Lastly what if she comes early. Technically she could be here any day, and though I feel our apartment is pretty Tatum ready, I dont have my official bag for the hospital packed, or her diaper bag or anything. I can just picture us waking up in the middle of the night and me having to spend and hour picking out which homecoming outfit she should have while throwing other random things I think we'll need into Smiths grocery bags.

So here's where I need your help.
What in the world do I put in my hospital bag?
Are there things you wish you'd brought?
Things you thought just took up your precious space?
How many diapers? Do I need to bring them at all?

Is this supposed to be like suitcase sized?


  1. Don't bring diapers or wipes they will give you all you need there. I would recommend like a book if you like to read. If you don't have alot of visitors it can get somewhat boring. I brought my own pajamas. But that was pretty much it. Don't forget your camera :)

  2. If you are nursing, I would suggest nursing bra and nursing pads. Pj's if you want your own, otherwise you can wear your gown. Socks. Underwear, unless you wanna wear the net kind they give you. If I had any free time in my room, I slept. An outfit for Tatum to go home in...a binky if you want her have one. Toothbrush. I think that covers the necessities. Oh...and snacks for the hubby...if you want :) So exciting!

  3. Hi Dani. Don't worry about not having a bag packed. I am due before you and havn't packed a thing or washed anythin for our little girl yet. With my first my took way to much stuff. I would suggest something for entertainment. Our hospital here has wireless internet so I am taking my laptop, plus movies. Pj's are always a good idea. I really liked to wear my own pj pants even if I had a gown on top, but bring a couple extra pairs just in case. Also I like to have my own pillow (not something you pack before) and socks with grippers on the bottom are nice. Also rubberbands and bobby pins for your hair. With my first I took a set of small shower stuff, but I am pretty picky on what I wash my hair and body with. We also took some hard candies because I get the munchies. Hope that helps.

  4. you don't need to bring diapers and if you are like me looking at the baby is all the entertainment you will need. Don't forget your camera, cell phone and don't worry it will be great.

    Maybe she should come home in her cute panda outfit :)

  5. Camera #1 -- phone numbers A robe or jammies and yes the nursing garb -reading material something to entertain you both if labor is long and slow but maybe you will be like your mom and not have to worry about that

  6. Camera, clothes for you. Lotion for you toothbrush, hairbrush and baby clothes, and you are looking sooo cute

  7. I would most definetly pack diapers and wipes! Eventhough they do provide some for you there, the wipes they have you have to wet first, which is annoying! And, they ran out of Newborn diapers when we had Kailey and they only had a size 1, so I was very thankful I packed extras, until they could get me a Newborn package! Pj's, nursing bra and pads, your own pads unless you want to wear their diaper size ones, underware, snacks for Greg, and things for entertainment!! And, I would pack hats, clothes and binky's for Tatum, unless you don't care about her wearing the hospital ones the whole time! Good luck!

  8. I liked to bring my own jammies. For entertainment, you'll have a baby. What else do you need? It'll be great! Can't wait.