Wednesday, January 14, 2009

8 weeks

Im pretty sure the last time I had my blood drawn was when I started Kindergarden. I remember it perfectly, my mom told me if I was really brave and didnt cry I could go get some ice cream after. So we went into the doctors office, and my cousin Brittan was with us. I sat on the chair and tried to be sooo brave! I remember I got some tears in my eyes because it hurt reallly bad, but I didnt cry. Then we went to Thrifty and I got a scoop of rainbow sherbet, my fav. Brittan got a scoop too, even though he didnt have to get his blood drawn. Lucky.

Today I went in for my pregnancy blood work and I was kinda nervous. Greg came with me, even though he didnt even offer to hold my hand! It was ok, he did sit by me, but had to read his book so he wouldnt look at the needles/blood and pass out. Anywho, I was really brave this time too and it only took one prick. My veins are easy. Then we went to sonic! woo hoo!

I dont know if its a pregnancy thing, but lately Ive been in the "I Hate Everything" mood. I really dont want to do anything except go to sleep, or see anyone except Greg (lucky for him). I dread going into work and am so annoyed by all my customers. I dont even want to look at baby clothes or my size clothes! Weird.


  1. i'm sorry for your "i hate everything" mood. when it gets better (or before that if you don't hate me) you should come over again.

  2. No worries!
    I do the "hate everything" every month.
    I thought it was a PMS thing.
    I will not say "Go out and split some firewood", it's not a good thing in your condition, but it usually helps me.
    Hope you'll feel better!

  3. Pregnancy does weird stuff to you.

    Hang in there.

    It gets better.

  4. I love your preggo blog! its so fun to see whats going on with you week to week! Even though i'm sure some of it isn't the best for you!! We need to get together soon!!

  5. It will eventually go away, but it's just a stage of pregnancy. When I get in this stage I seem to find one clothes outfit I like and don't feel fat in and seem to wear it everyday like a little kid.

  6. I'm in the I hate everything but Donovan mood too. And I got those really expensive pills to take on our cruise. I didn't know they were that expensive!