Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I go onto pretty often to look at names, and nursery ideas, and whatnot. Today I was looking at my 18 week stats and they had a tip of the day:

Todays Tip
If you're not the oldest of six kids or didn't babysit all the way through high school, you may be feeling a little nervous about how you'll care for this baby after he makes his big debut. Relax! Some hands-on experience is the best way to build up your new-mom confidence. If you have a close pal with a baby, ring her up and book a day of sitting -- complete with a 101 lecture in all the major essentials, like diapering, feeding, and strollering -- all before she skips out the door.

Ha ha! I win! I am the oldest of 6 kids, so I dont have to worry about a thing :-)


  1. You lucked out. No practice needed for you.:)

  2. I am convinced that Rode and I will only be having daughters so I have spent ample time thinking of girl baby names. If you happen to like any of them, that's wonderful, just as long as you don't mind us having one of the same. My current favorite is Halle (pronounced Hal-E, not to be confused with Hailey or Hail or Hal). I also love the names June and Hazel, but those won't work unless you're down with old lady names gone baby. Best wishes on your hunt, but we are so excited for you two!

  3. :) cute post!! I guess that means its not Ariel? Some cute ones I have heard lately-- Alexandria - Maggie - Brie - Marie --Callie -- Olivia --- Lilly -- Sammie -- and Tulip!! :) ok just kidding on the last one but there are so many cute names to choose from.. Good Luck

  4. My only advice is that if you have to explain to how to pronounce the name, you should probably move on to another one.


  5. Are you sure you don't want to take charlie for a day or two or a weekend????????