Thursday, April 23, 2009

Nurse Midwife

So I really wasn't loving (or even liking) the doctor I was seeing, and I had wanted to find a midwife. But I didn't know where to look, or how it would work with insurance, and where to deliver etc etc....

The hospital I was already going to had a midwife section so I made an appoint and went and saw them, and I really didnt get any different feel between them and the doctor.

Lucky for me a women came in to get her hair done and after chatting with her for about an hour I found out she was a midwife. She gave me tons of information and recommended me to the American Fork hospital nurse midwives (since we (greg) really wanted me to deliver in an actual hospital).

I finally got around to making an appointment with them and went in this morning to check it out.
There office was really nice, and all the staff. They have 6 midwives there that you switch around with, meet all of them and then whoever is on call when you go into labor delivers you.
We met with Roberta today and she was AWESOME. Exactly what Id been looking for. She talked to us. She asked us questions. She answered my questions, in detail. And was just really nice and animated and seemed alot more hands on then the other stinky doctor.
She told me a little about the two different hospitals they deliver at.
She showed me some stretches to do for my back pain, and demonstrated them for us. She was pretty flexible!
I think mostly she just made me feel comfortable and welcome so I could actually not be nervous and remember what I wanted to ask.

She measured me up, im at 23 inches
and we got to hear the heartbeat, always fun.

Next appointment I get to drink the yummy diabetes sugar test drink! Cant wait :-P

The office seemed pretty busy for 9 in the morning, and G overheard someone saying how slow it was today, so I guess there is usualy a big wait.
But I'd rather wait there then get in fast to the other place


  1. The drink basically tastes like soda. It's really not that gross like everyone says. Don't forget to not eat sugar before...

  2. I loved having a midwife! When I was pregnant with Davy a friend was pregnant with her 3rd. I was CONSTANTLY answering prego questions for her because her dr. spent 15 minutes with her each visit, and my midwife would spend at least 45 minutes each visit answering all my questions. Made such a difference for her with that pregnancy, but none of it came from her dr.!

    Next time, Jonathan and I are going to a birth center rather than stay at home. That way we're close to a hospital in case we need it (my labor stalled with Davy, and I ended up transporting to a hospital), and we can go home as soon as we're ready rather than stay in a busy, noisy hospital for a few days (the worst, because I never got sleep! The nurses were coming in every hour to check on either me or Davy and I was miserable!).

  3. Midwives are the best! I won't ever use a doctor to have a baby if I can help it. I serously can't wait to have another baby an be in labor and deliver. It is the best! I am so glad that you found someone who will take good care of you and your little baby. :)
    I think its good to deliver in a hospital but since I had Miles naturally I have played with the idea of delivering at home with future babies.

  4. I delivered all four of my boys with midwifes in hospitals. For me it was the perfect combo -- the wonderful support of a midwife with the "safety net" of a hospital.

    :o) Good luck!

  5. I was the same way about the whole wanting a midwife but also a hospital!! I delivered at am. fork with a midwife and LOVED it ;) good choice

  6. I'm looking for exactly this. what is their phone number?