Wednesday, May 13, 2009

25 weeks

According to this little baby weighs about 1 1/2- 2 lbs and is about a foot long!I can defiantly tell she is getting bigger, and her kicks are getting alot stonger! When Im laying down flat in bed we can see her move around. Kinda freaky, kinda cool. Its like ive got a bubbling cauldron inside my belly.
Im weighing in at 124 lbs this morning. A few of the girls from work and I went to the Women's Expo at UVU, which had some really cool booths, one was a fitness group who checked our body fat. I've got 21%, which is good!

As for my clothes Ive been wearing a BellaBand to hold up all my pants that have to stay unbuttoned and completely unzipped to fit. My shirts all fit fine. But I decided to go look for some maternity pants.
Can I just ask...
What is up with maternity clothes? Just because my belly is growing doesn't mean my butt is sagging down to my knees. Seriously, everywhere I went had the saggiest unflattering pants Ive ever seen. Until I went into Motherhood. They actually had cute stuff, but it was all so expensive! The sales ladies all attacked me when I came into the store, and started handing me all this stuff. I ended up trying on at least 20 different outfits. I really like a few items and was going to get one pair of pants, one pair shorts and one t-shirt - until I added the cost up in my head!
So I just ended up buying the one pair of pants, which roll up to capri's too. They are sooooo comfortable, with the stretchy waistband that comes up to my bra, haha.
Went to Babies R Us to find a gift for our friend Mischa who is expecting in June. Of course I found a few things for myself too :-)
This cute frame shows off her progress so far. I cant belive from the 1st picture to the 2nd is only a month and one week apart. She was barely a peanut, and then you can actually see a baby!
This cool snack ball was supposed to be part of the gift to our friend, but Greg though we should hold onto it :-)
On Sunday we went up to Heber for Mother's Day and had dinner with the in-laws and Emily and Flint. We told Flint there was a baby in my tummy and he got reeeeaalllly freaked out. Poor guy, he was so worried about how that baby was going to get out of Aunt Dani.
Then next day we went up there again and we heard Flint screaming, so Greg went out to ask him what was wrong and he just put his hands up to his face and said "Its terrible you're having a baby, terrible!"
After trying to console him they finally told him not to worry, when the baby was big enough the stork would bring her to us.


  1. You are looking prego finally! Super cute!

  2. awww i cant wait to see your cute little belly.. text me baby colors stat!

  3. That is so funny about the pants...I totally agree! I just wore my normal pants the enntire pregnancy and had a couple skirts I could wear too cause I just never found anything maternity that worked:( You look so tiny and cute!

  4. you are so cute!!! poor little guy the stork is less scary?

  5. Wow. I guess it's really happening. You finally look pregnant.

    Got your mom on a bike twice this weekend!