Thursday, May 21, 2009

99 Days to go

Yay Im down to double digit days! Its still a long time though. I thought I was 6 months.... i have 3 months till my due date.... 9 months right? But my friend Marie is trying to convince me that Im 7 months. 26 weeks. I dont know, I just know Im more then half way done!
I had an appointment yesterday with Midwife Jennifer, she was super nice and friendly, just like the last one. Im really glad I switched over to this office.
I did my glucose test, which was not as bad as everyone says. I did feel a little jittery with all that sugar in me.
I gained 7 lbs this month, woot woot!

Yesterday I went and got baby Tatum's bedding from Babinski's! I LOVE it! Just wish I had the crib to set it all up already! I feel like Im so unprepared, I have nothing ready. I guess thats what these 99 days are for.


  1. Technically, a pregnancy is supposed to be 40 weeks. You divide that by 4 (4 weeks per month) and you get 10 months. If you're 26 weeks, divide that by 4 and you get... 6.5 months with 3.5 left. It is stinky, but the first few weeks you don't technically have a baby in there yet. Weird math, I know. It always made me grumpy. You're looking great! Glad you've found a good prenatal care practitioner. That always makes things so much more enjoyable! ;o)

  2. yay i love double digits!i cant stay away from baby stuff for baby tatum... i cant wait to see you! love you mama dash.

  3. Tatum! You finally have a name yea... the name reminds me of Tatum Bell, the running back for the Denver Broncos which is always a plus in the Brandt family. Zack is always trying to convince me to name our children after Bronco players or the Broncos, but there is something just not right about Bronco Brandt! I bet it is fun to finally have a name for her! I am excited for you! And, with the whole pregnancy weeks/months... it is all confusing but pregnancy, although technically it is 10 months, is broken down into 9 months! Do you have the "What to Expect When Your Expeting" book? That book was pretty much my Bible when I was pregnant with Kailey, but it breaks it all up for you! I think it is 6 months= 23-27 weeks and 7 months= 28-31 weeks! So, you are almost to month 7 and then you will be in the downhill stretch!! The third and final trimester! Yea!

  4. So does that mean you are using New Beginnings? I used them with Brock. Do you like them?

  5. They should start teaching "Maternity Math" in schools. They have all the other kinds....
    I'll talk to Obama about it.