Friday, June 12, 2009

Crib: up and running

Yes! They finally got the crib in stock at Target, and now we have baby room!Thank you so mcuh Uncle Brian for our gift card!We cleaned all day, and got rid of alot of junk to get Tatum's room presentable, but it looks so cute. Now there are just these huge white walls that need something to fill them.

And here's the belly at 29 weeks

I've got an appointment on wednesday and then after that im up to every 2 weeks checkup. My back has been hurting most days, and Im eating everything in sight. Im developing a much bigger sweet tooth too. Mostly for icecream.
One weird thing is that when Im sleeping my hips and legs start hurting. Ill wake up and they will just be aching. I dont notice it during the day.


  1. Yah for getting the crib up. I love the bedding.
    You are so beautiful. You are the perfect, little pregnant Mommy.
    Love you.

  2. Do you sleep with a lot of pillows? Somehing that really helped me when I was pregnant was getting a thin pillow to put under my belly- since I was sleeping on my side, that way there wasn't torque on my hips that way. Be sure to have a pillow to prop your leg that's on top (when you are on your side) too. That should really help with your hip pain.
    The crib looks super cute! You are getting so close!

  3. Oh shoot I totally remember that legs and hips aching thing. That was the worst, but the end is in sight! Yay! And your bedding is darling by the way:)