Saturday, December 20, 2008


So Greg and I have been off birth control since Febuary 08. We didnt do any counting or ovulation tests, or whatever else there is to make a baby, we were just "going to see what happened" (direct greg quote).

After about 5 months I was starting to freak out a little bit, why wasnt it working? Was I broken? So I went to the doctor and he checked me out and said everything was looking good, I did have a uterus, and overies. Thank goodness! He told me how to count to find my ovualtion days, off I went merrily merrily.

The next few months I counted, and nothing happened. I went out and bought an ovulation kit. Then my period came and went. Twice. I was so pissed!

Finally Im like "Im through with this baby stressing! If Heavenly Father dosnt want me to have one yet, then Im not going to have one yet!"

Thats when Greg and I decided that we were going to take a BIG trip for his graduation in April. First it was Africa, then backpacking South America. We hadnt made any final desicions or bought or booked any flights ect.

My periods havnt been regular for the past couple of months. Usually between 28 and 32 days apart. Last month I started on day 35! That really got my hopes up, I took 3 pregnancy tests in like 5 days. But it came.

Today is day 32 of this cycle.

I had been having alot of cramping the last few days, but it was different then my normal period cramping. It would happen several times a day, and night, but only last for about a minute or so, but they hurt. They hurt enough to wake me up 3+ times a night. So last night I asked Greg for a blessing.

I did have cramping through the night, and this morning I woke up and got to lay in bed for a while (yay for not having to work on a saturday!!) I was thinking that this was day 32, and I did have one pregnancy test left under the sink. And the morning is the best time to take one.

But I was really scared. Every time I take one and it says negative, I get so sad! I didnt want to ruin my long fun filled Christmas with the Brandts weekend.

Then I jumped out of bed and said, who are you kidding? You take one very month just for fun anyways, go do it!

So I pulled it out. Read the directions very carefully. Pee'd on it for 5 seconds, no longer, no shorter. Closed the cap. Looked around the room for about... 2 minutes. Then I looked.

There was a pink plus sign in the control box? It's positive?


<-- crappy pic from my camera phone, but the lines are dark, and clear in real life!

I dont know for sure for sure 100% yet, but its positive. Thats like 99% accurate right?!

With my luck, I will be that 1% wacky normonal pee. But for now, Im letting myself think its positive. As soon as I get showered and dressed and wash the dishes, im going out to buy more sticks. Greg gets off work at 2 today.

Ive already had it all planned out how Im going to tell the hubby, since like March! Im so excited to actually do it!

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