Monday, December 22, 2008

Telling the Mr.

So Greg got home from work on Saturday and was busy packing up his bag to go to his parents for the weekend. I had it all set up with his lunch ready (steak pot pie) and an episode of Seinfeld (his fave) rip raring' to go. I turned it on and he wouldn't sit down to watch it, until i finally grabbed him and said lets finish this episode then we can go.

We watched the episode "The Fix-Up" Where Jerry and Elaine set up her friend and George on a date. Kramer tours a condom factory and brings home samples for everyone. Only George accepts, and he then uses one of them on his date.

A few days later Kramer announces that the condoms were faulty, and they find out Elaine's friend misses her period.

When George overhears this he is excited and exclaims "MY BOYS CAN SWIM!"

We laughed and laughed.

Then I told G I had a present for him and wanted him to open it now.

He unwrapped and looked at a book titled My Boys Can Swim!

Then I jumped up and down and told him I'd taken a pregnancy test that morning and it was positive. And that I didnt believe it so I went to the store and bought more tests and took another, and it was positive too!

He kept saying, are you pulling my leg?

So I showed him both test, and I was pretty much freaking out and bouncing all over the place about to cry.

He did believe me, but said he didnt want to get too excited until things were a little more concrete. But he was, I could tell.

We drove up to Heber and along the way were just like I cant believe this! It dosnt seem real. And also pretty much the only thing he had to say was we both better get on a workout schedule and figure out how to get (him) and keep (me) in shape. :-)

How sweet that he dosnt want me balooning up, ha. I am 100% agreeing with him, but I could just see how some other women would have freaked out at their husbands for saying something like that. He's so lucky to have me. Im awesome.

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