Friday, December 26, 2008

5 Weeks 2 days

Merry Christmas Baby!
I guess it is technically Dec 26th now, but I meant to write this yesterday :-) I tried my very hardest not to buy anything for my little zygote. (Thats what your Dad's been calling you these past few days, Ziggy, Zig)
Everything is so tiny and cute and I can hardly wait till I know if youre a boy or girl and can start spending my well earned dollars. I am planning on working up until you get here, as long as nothing goes wrong. At my last store my manager, Shayla, worked up to the day. Actually the morning she went into labor her water broke at like 8 and she came in to work at 9 to do a lady's perm! She was nuts. Dont expect me to do anything that crazy.
Speaking of work, I just found out a girl at my store now named Marie is preggers too! She's about 2 months along, so a little further then me, but it will be fun to go through it with someone every day. This is her 3rd baby, her two older girls, Averie (6) and Brinlee (1) are so stinkin' cute!! They are trying for a boy this time, and if its another girl, too bad! No more trying :-) Marie always has her babies late, and big. Brinlee was 10 lbs! Please be smaller then that Ziggy.
We were planning on waiting a few weeks to tell everybody about you, but your Dad got a little to ancy when we were making our Merry Christmas calls in the morning.
So first we told Grandpa Rob, who told Grandma Lana/Mimi (we're gonna have to find out what all these grandparents are going to want to be called. Youve got alot... 10 on mom's side and 3 on dad's) (Whoa 10 on one side? Lana, Rob, Mark, Beatrix, Joyce, Natalie, John, Susan, Don, and great great grandpa Thacker!)
Next we got to talk to uncle Tyler from Mexico (hes on his mission there) Grandma and Grandpa Brandt were on the phone too, three way.
Later we told Aunt Val, because we knew there was NO WAY your grandma could keep her mouth shut about it for very long.
And that night we told Nana who was in such shock she could hardly talk at all :-)

I was trying to convince Aunt Sierra to come up to Utah for school so she could be by me and she was being realllll stubborn about it. She said "Why would I move to Utah, it snows there." And I completely understood where she was coming from, snow=devil, but I still wanted her to live by me!
Well I think you convinced her Zig, once she found out you were coming she was singing a different tune :-) (I mean she didnt say yes, but she definatly sounded more hopeful)
If she is still being stubborn I'll just inform her that it snows TWICE as much in Maryland then it does in Utah. That should do it.

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  1. love your BLOG .. you are so full of expressions.. whoa.. i loved the fact that there are more ppl on your side as well as great grandpa too !

    all the best