Sunday, December 28, 2008

Im such a good Mom

The other day I begged Greg :-) to take me to the gym so I could get a good pregnancy workout. Im bound and determined to gain only 30 lbs these next 9 months, so I figured I better start with some good habits now.

Greg wants to loose some weight, as always. He said he wont be one of those fathers who gains weight while the mom is gaining baby weight.

I told him not to worry, Ill never weigh as much as he does, and he says "well if I get down to my ideal weight you will". Yeah right!! He wants to be like 180, I would have to gain 65 lbs!
So we went to the gym with plans of riding the bikes for 30 minutes.... about 10 minutes on that devil machine and I was done! My legs were aching! I may be small, but Im way out of shape.
We need to think of a good workout routine so I actually have something to work towards instead of, yeah I feel tired already, lets go home :-)
Ok, so here are my stats:
Height : 5'3'' (maybe i'll grow a few inches, you never know)
Weight: 113
Boob Size: 32A
(any day now girls)
I havnt been sick really. Ive just been crampy most days, not all day long, every once in a while. No nauseousness yet. No throwing up or dry heaving. Hopefully this means I wont be sick at all!!! (crossed fingers)

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