Wednesday, January 7, 2009

7 weeks

Yesterday I had my first appointment with Dr. Baxter. He seemed nice enough, not like this other creepy guy i had seen a while ago. Greg came with me because we were going to do our first ultrasound!!!! yay! So we got in and had to fill out some paper work. I was really nervous to hear the heartbeat, I dont know why but I thought there would be nothing there. Also going to see the "women doctor" is never fun, and pretty uncomfortable for me. Luckily I didnt feel embarrassed or awkward at all, even with Greg in the room. I was more comfortable then Id ever been before, thats good.

So they did my blood pressure and weighed me and everything. I few days before I had weighed myself and was down to 109, lost 5 lbs since id been preggo? What the heck. I havnt even been throwing up. But yesterday I was back up to 112 so I guess everything was fine. Is 5 lbs really a big deal or does it just seem like alot to me?

Anyways, the nurse took us into the room and had me do a urine test. Dr Baxter came in and talked to us for a second and then left so I could get my bottoms off. When he walked back in he had a prescription for me for a bladder infection (thats why i feel like i have to pee 24/7! I thought it was just a pregnancy thing and I was praying it wouldnt last the whole 9 months). So he handed it to Greg and I was just like "wow you knew i had an infection before you even looked at me" thinking, he's pretty good! But then he was like, "umm no, remember you just did a urine test". Oh yeah! I felt dumb.

Next he checked me out, everything looked good. Did the pap and everything, which I hate. I hate the clamp most of all, it hurts! He was fast though and then I got back dressed and he asked us if we had any questions. Ive had a ton, but couldnt think of any while I was actually in the office, so Im making a list for next time.

Next he took us to the ultrasound room!!! That table had some pillows on it so I could lay back and get comfortable :-) And a flat screen up on the wall so I could see everything going on. They did the indoor ultrasound, I guess because the baby isnt that big yet, but they covered the "wand" with a condom, for protection I guess. Not like a special wand coverer that look like a condom though, a real condom. I thought that was really funny.

Then she found our baby and it was sooo cute and tiny!
See its just that little white bean in the black area!! We could see the heart beating and it was so cool! Then she looked at my ovaries, which are awesome.
It was so weird to actually be there, and to be the one who had the baby insde her! Such a relief too to see the heartbeat! She said it was really strong!
I was also worried there might be more then one bean in there, Bob has been telling me that twins do run in their family and thought I would have them. So I made her double check "theres only one in there, right?"
The coast is clear! Only one at a time for me!
She measured it up and
Offical due date: August 26th !
Just 5 days before I turn 22!
Im happy, having an august birthday is the best! It going to make for one long hot summer though!
My next appointment is Feb 2, and then a month after that one we get to make one for our 2nd ultrasound to find out the sex!! Thats not to far away!


  1. I am so excited for you! It makes me giddy to read about it :)

    Maybe I should stay makes me want to try and have one ;)

  2. That pregnant belly is the skinniest I've ever seen. I know you aren't showing yet, but dang! I wish I was that little.

  3. Yeah!!! I'm SO excited for you. I love that you're doing a pregnancy blog. Keep taking those photos, you little skinny.

  4. I am so so happy for you that is so great!!

  5. yay yay yay!!!!!! I'm SO EXCITED for you!!!! I have been thinking since you came over and i think its going to be a girl :) i am so glad you came over today. come over whenever you want to, okay? love you, baby mama!!!!

  6. You are so freaking cute and will be so glad that you are doing this. Keep it up and the pictures too, its fun and goes by WAY to fast.

    Good Luck Dani, Gregg, and Ziggy (i love that name)

  7. Yah!!!!!!! Congratulations. I can't believe it. You're having a baby. You're having a baby! How wonderful. And, and I'm going to be a great-grandma. wow. I must be old.
    You were my first grandchild and now you're giving me my first great-grandchild. I am so excited.
    I love you lots and lots.

  8. 5 pounds is not a lot to loose. I lost 10 the first trimester so don't worry:) I only ended up gaining 24 my whole pregnancy but it varies so much from woman to woman good luck and you don't look pregnant at all:)

  9. Okay, Dani you are the tiniest freekin person I have ever seen. I would have LOVED to have lost 5 pounds the first trimester. You look GREAT! I think you are going to be the cutest prego person EVER. CONGRATS AGAIN