Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 weeks 6 days

I think babies in teacups make the cutest pictures!
See example A & B :-)
I had a check up yesterday and they said everythings looking good, except I lost 3 lbs. I really dont know how, I think ive been eating 24/7.

I think maybe ive just been eating smaller portions then usual because i start feeling yucky if i get to full.
Then he put the gew on my stomache to find the heartbeat, and he said he didnt know if he'd be ablle to hear it because im thin, and only at 10 weeks.

Dont you think you would be able to hear it better on a thin women then going through more layers on a thick women? Aparently not. He couldnt hear it, so he said to make another appointment in 2 weeks, because at 13 weeks you should definatly be able to hear it.
Then I got to ask some questions, and he said I would be fine at work around all the chemicals, just as long as i have a fan or some ventialtion on.
I asked him what I shouldnt eat and he just said as long as im not drinking, smoking, or doing drugs that was good with him. Bring on the crab leggs!!

I told him i'd been having pain on my right side if I lay on it at night, so he decided to have me come in for an ultrasound next week to see if i have a cyst on my right overy or something. Also they'll be able to see the heartbeat on there so I wont have to go in at 13 weeks. He didnt sound worried at all about it, and told me just to get the ultrasound sometime in the next week, so im not worried about it.

I have been sooo goood, I havent bought one single item baby related since I found out I was preggo. Im really holding out until I know the sex, then Ill probably go a little crazy.
One thing I really want though is a baby sling. You can get some way cute ones, and it just looks so easy and comfortable, like heres my baby in a little papoose and I can still pick things up and move around.

Also Ive been wondering about diapers. I found a website called www.gdiapers.com and they sell washable diapers with a flushable/biodegradeable insert that is supposed to biodegrade in 50-150 days instead of the 500 YEARS it takes to biodegrade a normal, mostly plastic made diaper.
Now I dont know how much a package of regular diapers cost, these run about $50 for a box of just over 100 diaper inserts. Is that good?


  1. Dani, I use Amazon.com to buy my diapers. It's the cheapest I've found and it's usually free shipping (over $25). I don't get the biodegradable kind, but Pampers are $40 for a box of 180. You can save even more if you use their subscribe and save program.

  2. I buy my diapers at Sams Club. It's about $30 I think for a box of over 200. I think its about the same at Costco.

  3. We are not old enough to use diapers yet honey, so just listen to Nikki.
    I am learning how to quilt though, so we can keep the little one warm in the frozen Utah state.
    Are you still moody?
    We love you!

  4. You can use less disposables if you re-use them.


  5. Diapers are spendy almost any way you look at it.

    We need to hang out.

  6. GO YOU for even thinking about using gdiapers! We don't have little people running around so I am probably not a good person to talk but I do think it is important to consider using more environmentally responsible alternatives. Disposable diapers take up WAY too much room in the landfill and just like you said they take up to 500 yrs to decompose (our children's children will be dealing with them. long after we are gone)
    I'm envisioning Al Gore with a diaper on...for some reason. weird.
    Baby shower gift??? You let me know.
    Hopefully we get to see you soon! I wish you guys were coming to Lovell with us.
    Love- Carissa

  7. We buy diaphers at Costco. 225 for about $40. But thats me and I'm lazy. I know I should care more about the environment, but right now, cheap is the only option for us:) but more power to ya!

  8. FYI: I make baby slings.

    They are my favorite and they are like the maya wrap/slings.

    I use cloth diapers when my babies have bum rashes. I should think more about doing it full time... Costco is where its at for disposable diapers.