Wednesday, February 25, 2009

14 weeks

My friend Mischa and I went to this AWESOME baby store called Babinski's in SL today. It had the cutest stuff!!!! Pretty expensive, but im sure its all worth it :-) I didnt buy anything, im sticking to my goal of finding out what we're having first

They had this cool highchair, it had hydraulics or something so you can make it shorter or taller... I think. I like that it is all plastic though, so it would be way easy to clean.

These paintings they had were really cute, for a girls room of course. But they wouldn't really match the bedding that I found there.

Out of all the bedding that Ive seen I always find cute boy bedding. This is the only girl bedding I have found that I even like, and I love love love it.

And I love the little mobile with the birds

The cutest thing in the entire store were these pink (and also come in equally cute gold) sandals!

If I have a girl I will DEFINATLY be going back to get her a newborn pair to wear this summer, and a pair for next summer :-)

I had my ultrasound a couple weeks ago and everything looked fine, so cysts or anything.

Here's the newest pics of Ziggy-Zig, I think it was 12 weeks


  1. OH GOOD!
    Finally we got little MOM to post!
    Cute things in the store. We'll have to go visit it together when we come to SL.
    The high chair makes my neck hurt. You should be considerate of ol' grannie and turn the picture upright. Hahahaha.
    Those sandals will give blisters to the little one. Poor kid!

  2. aww mama dash! such cute bebe things... i cant wait!

  3. This is such a fun point to be at - shopping! If I could give a tip, it would be two things: buy one of those $25 snaps-right-on-the-chair high chairs from Target instead of any full-size chair. The whole thing can be taken apart and put in the dishwasher, and it won't take up so much space in the apartment (plus baby gets to be part of the family while you eat). Big high chairs just get nasty. And, my sob story about full-on bedding sets. We have an AWESOME set and I'm just so sad to know we'll have to pack away the bumper, the blanket, the matching pillow and eventually the beaded fringe because it's not SIDS safe. (She's sleeping in a borrowed bassinet next to our bed for now) And if you have a girl, I'm mailing you some stuff!!! ~Kathryn

  4. I had a lot of fun going to that store with you and I still totally love my diaper bag! And my monkey! I will help you stick to not buying anything. And, I found out about some other cute baby boutiques, some that are here in Provo and Orem. We will have to go!

  5. oh my gosh!! Next time you go take me with you!!!